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As a couple preparing to build our first dream home and possibly final home, we were well-prepared with an ample portfolio of inspirational photos and our proverbial checklist of “must haves”. Even with a high level of naive optimism about this process, we entered our initial meeting with the SCH team with a bit of apprehension as we wondered if some of our grandiose ideas would be dismissed. Nothing could have been farther from the truth, as SCH not only embraced our ideas, but elaborated upon them. They demonstrated their experience showing us examples of previous homes with these specific design features and amenities. In fact, more than one of our inspiration photos were from homes that they had previously built. Any initial trepidations we had when approaching this meeting were replaced by confidence in SCH’s “can-do” attitude and demonstrated experience. Our dreams remained intact, knowing that we had found the people that could make them come true.

There are many anecdotal stories of people blowing their home building budgets, but the opposite was true for us. We stayed within our budget and contingency. This was due to this team’s involvement during our design process. When the architect and designer were presenting ideas, SCH explained the cost of each item desired in a completely upfront and transparent fashion. During the build process, we received ongoing budget updates. Surprisingly, when we found ourselves to be under budget on some items, we were then able to redirect funds to upgrade other details. In addition, due to continuous communication, we did not experience any unexpected additional costs.

SCH treated our home project as if it was their own. Looking out for our best interests, SCH corrected a few subcontractor oversights at no cost to us. We found that SCH brought their very best to the table, partnering with expert architects, interior designers, subcontractors, and pool designers. This resulted in a premium product which was fully customized to our individual specifications. Attention to detail was paramount, and everything from locating rare materials to the precision in our trim work is evident throughout our home. When our neighbors enter our home, they express interest in how we achieved this level of quality. They retrospectively wish that they had chosen SCH to build their home.

As we lived in our home during the first year of warranty, our punch-list items were expedited. Our warranty items were handled on a rolling basis. Many of our neighbors that moved in well before us are still waiting on small details of their homes to be completed. Even after the 1 year warranty period, service has been second to none.

Every day, as we walk into our home, we are able to see our dreams and ideas actualized because SCH delivered what they promised.

We couldn’t be happier with Simmons Estate Homes. Between Scott, Jon & Neal we were covered on every front. Scott’s Architectural/Design, Jon & Neal’s Building/Construction Expertise. They had a challenging project with our home and they had solutions at every corner. We moved in October 2014 and have never had to call a sub back for any quality or workmanship problems in 5 years. They do it right the first time! Speaking of time, they delivered our sizable home on time and on budget. If we ever built another home we would not hesitate to call SCH back for the job. We highly recommend Simmons Estate Homes for anyone looking for a quality custom home!

Fortunately or not, we have moved many times....21 at last count. This has involved a number of new constructions and some major renovations all across the U.S. For the most part these have been good experiences but also a lot of learnings.

By far one of our very best experiences was in Vaquero with Scott Simmons and his team. Scott was instrumental in helping locate and acquire our ideal lot when very few choice lots remained in this development. Obviously, we were off to a good start, but it just got better. Scott was actively engaged with the architect, designer, HOA, and permitting to move this process quickly and successfully. Jon Hebb, one of Scott’s partners, supervised our project from start to finish and was/is fantastic! He made a lot of great suggestions and his attention to detail is outstanding. Timing and expenses were as promised thru-out the process. Believe me, building a large custom home is a process.

Now we’ve been in the house 4 years and we love it! Scott and Jon still ask if everything is ok. Any major construction will have some issues and aggravation, but SCH Homes response and follow up have been excellent. We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Scott and his team to build your “dream” home. We consider SCH as friends not just another builder.

Prior to building our home with SCH Homes we spoke to several families whom had already completed projects with Scott, Neal and Jon. Although the temperaments and preferences of each family differed, they all shared a high level of satisfaction with the design and build process. Our experience was no different…as a matter of fact, our experience was excellent. The team was helpful with tough decisions, cost conscious and transparent every step along the way. Several years post build we are still very pleased with our home and the follow-up service provided. We wouldn’t hesitate to build with Scott, Neal and Jon again in the future.

I want to express our sincere gratitude to Scott Simmons and his team. About 5 years ago, Scott built Marci and I a beautiful Mission style stucco house in Westwyk Hills. Prior to starting construction, a significant amount of time and consideration was given to layout, materials and our budget.

The building phase was on time and used some of the best sub-contractors I have ever seen. Neal was our superintendent and was there daily inspecting the job and problem solving so we did not have to. In the end we were very pleased with our house and the high quality finish out.

Scott and his team have always been available even 5 years out from move in for questions and help with any repairs. We would definitely use Simmons Homes if we built again for their knowledge and professionalism is exemplary.

I moved into a Scott Simmons house eight years ago. Eight years later I still love my builder. That is absolutely saying something. Scott has gone above and beyond several times. Most notably at the 18 month mark one of the appliances wound up leaking and ruining part of our hardwood floors. The appliance maker would not stand behind their product, so Scott stepped in and made all of the repairs while we were away on vacation and we came back to a perfect kitchen. Additionally, we have had very few problems with our house. When we have, Scott has been there to give us advice on how to take care of it. I highly recommend Simmons Estate Homes and when it comes time for me to build another house, they will be first on my list.

I have had the privilege of working with Scott, Neal, and Jon for the past ten years and Scott personally for over twenty years.

In that time, as a team, we have been blessed to work for amazing people building amazing work.

Scott, Neal, Jon, and the entire SCH homes team are people with traits like honesty, integrity, and passion. When these traits are coupled with experience, creativity, and craftsmanship, as they do, it creates a very special company. SCH homes builds an incredible product and provides an incredible experience.

Scott Simmons
SCH Homes
3110 W. Southlake Blvd Ste. 100
Southlake, TX 76092


Congratulations on having the foresight and vision to create a plan continuing the legacy of Newport Classic Homes and Simmons Estate Homes. We know first hand the tremendous contributions both Jon Hebb and Neal Calhoun have made to your organization. We are confident this new partnership will create new and exciting opportunities for all of you.

We are fortunate to be clients of both Newport Classic Homes and Simmons Estate Homes. You built our first Texas home in Timarron in 1995 and we turned to you when we returned to Texas to retire in 2012. We returned because of your expertise, honesty, integrity, willingness to share bad news and always having a creative solution ready to go.

We especially admire and appreciate that you know what things cost. There are no surprises. Your allowances are generous and consistent with the style of home you are building.

Several times over the past six years, we’ve come to you for input on how to make an improvement or change at the house. Your ability to assist with those changes utilizing your resources and leverage is so much appreciated. Jobs that would require months of research and scheduling, get done quickly because you or Jon or Neal made a phone call. It’s one of the things we value most about our relationship.

Six years ago, we wrote a testimonial saying how much we loved our home and the process and gave you the greatest compliment … We’d do it again in a heartbeat. It is more true today than it was then.

Congratulations again on your 30 years of building extraordinary homes. We look forward to the fabulous accomplishments of SCH Homes.

Dennis Ruffner & Michelle Lee

To: Whom it may concern
Subject: SCH Homes
RE: Letter of Accommodation

Crawford Services, Inc. is a full-service residential HVAC contractor specializing in conventional, geothermal, VRF and chilled water systems for custom & estate homes in the DFW area. Our services include engineering and design work for HVAC systems, custom sheet metal fabrication, on-site supervision and project management, control systems, boiler applications, wine room climate control, indoor air quality solutions and 24/7 emergency service for our clients. We have over 100 employees with 65 vehicles serving a 60-mile radius around the DFW metroplex. Our turn key process is a key component to serving SCH Homes.

The Crawford Services business philosophy is closely aligned with SCH Homes. It begins with our pre-planning process as both teams work closely together to develop an HVAC mechanical design that meets the architectural, functionality and budgeted goals of the home design. Our mutual pre-planning attention to detail eliminates many future changes that might potential add costs to the overall project. Quite simply, both companies believe a project should be designed in a cost-efficient manner the first time and the client should be fully knowledgeable about the features and benefits of an HVAC design before we ever begin the actual work.

SCH Homes has experienced superintendents that provide excellent job site coordination. They coordinate all trades in a manner that accelerates job schedules while eliminating material and labor duplication on the job. Their communication with trades and hands on approach to answer questions during a job, results in a well thought out and implemented HVAC design for the custom and estate market.

When field modifications or customer plans require a change, SCH Homes and Crawford Services work closely together to provide timely solutions that are both economical and functional to the overall plan. In many of the instances SCH Homes is able to provide these changes without a loss of time or increase in cost on the job. SCH Homes makes the invoice application and payment very straightforward. They pay invoices in a timely manner, which leads to preferred pricing for its prompt pay culture.

SCH Homes appreciates and maintains safety at all times on their job sites. They promote safety meetings on site and support our efforts to leave a job site clean and safe each day.

Please feel free to call me directly if I can answer any questions about the Crawford Services experience with SCH Homes.

Tim Buford
Crawford Services, Inc.

What a privilege it is to work with the SCH team!

Scott, Jon, and Neal are brilliant at what they do and how they do it - some of the best in the world.

Be confident that your interests as a client are always! TOP of mind for this team - from design and budgeting to production and finish - SCH has extensive experience creating the highest level in lasting works of art inside and out. Time and time again we see thrilled clients and incredible homes!

Kindest Regards,
Bobby Little

Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that you and your staff performed on my 1st home. I was a little nervous moving into a home for the first time knowing it required some updating, but after meeting you and putting my trust in you I was very happy and satisfied that all the work was completed on time and beyond my expectations. I am really enjoying my home and once again want to thank you for everything.

Over the last 20 years, we have had 2 homes built by Simmons Estate Homes. We have been very satisfied with the innovation, quality and craftsmanship the company has provided. Both Scott and his team have been very accommodating and professional in the whole process and helped us achieve our goad which was to build a high-end luxury home with instant added value.

If you are considering building a high-end luxury home, you must consider Simmons Estate Homes as your builder! My wife and I have been in our Simmons home for almost 4 years and are just as happy now as we were when we first moved in. The entire building process was an incredible experience from clearing the lot to closing. Scott's staff worked diligently in assisting us with many decisions and helping us use our money wisely. With regularly updated spreadsheets, we always knew where our money was going and were never concerned. Jon, who is Scott's construction manager, was absolutely the best I ever seen. He paid very close attention to detail and was always to talk or text when we had questions. Even after several years of living in our home, the great customer service still continues when we have questions or need a good referral. As real estate agents in the Southlake area, Kim and I see lot of new construction and we highly recommend Simmons Estate Homes, you won't be disappointed!

Scott built our house in 2004. We have been very satisfied with all the subs and finish work. Today, 8 years later, all is well and the home is holding up great and looks like it could have been built in 2013. I would recommend Scott to anyone who has a high level of expectation as I can personally testify that Scott can get you there.

After a miserable first-time building experience, we searched for a highly respected and reputable builder to build our next home. The name we heard more than any other was Simmons Estate Homes (now SCH Homes). We can say that our just over two-year build was quite a different experience, working closely with a Scott and Jon every step of the way. They both listened to and understood our desires for our new home, and we were overwhelmed at our reveal with the results. If you are looking for an experienced team that is a pleasure to work with, we highly recommend Scott Simmons and his team.

My husband and I had SCH Homes build our home while we were still living in San Diego. In our first meeting with Scott, we saw a home built by SCH and truly loved it. The attention to detail, the quality and the overall look really stood out to us. We then entrusted Scott and Neal to build our home even with us at a distance, as we felt very comfortable with them and the process. They didn’t disappoint. They were very well organized, were on top of all the community requirements and always were available for questions/concerns. Once we moved in, they were very responsive to us and went above and beyond to make us happy. Neal worked exceedingly hard to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. We wholeheartedly recommend SCH as a home builder and would go through the process again with them if ever the opportunity would arise.

In the built environment, nothing good ever happens by accident. The final outcome of a project is typically limited to the weakest skills of each respective participant. As an architect, I appreciate working with a builder like Scott Simmons who cares about executing the subtle details that give a home lasting distinction. They make our design work look as good as it was envisioned to look!

Certified Graduate Builder

The National Association of Homebuilders has recognized SCH/Simmons Estate Homes as having completed all of the necessary ongoing education requirements to achieve this designation.

Certified Graduate Master Builder

This is the highest level of achievement that a Builder can earn from the National Association of Homebuilders.

Green Built North Texas

Simmons Estate Homes/SCH has received the designation of having completed the requirements necessary to certify that certain projects built by our company “meet or exceed” the 40+ required elements for this designation.

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